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OCI Vacuum Microengineering has been grown out of research being done at a number of univerisities in Europe, Canada, and the U.S. . The company has a very strong commitment to research and development because of the potential for future commercial opportunities. OCI is now one of few world wide makers of LEED-AES spectrometers, miniature electron and ion sputter guns. This instrumentation is used in the development of the new materials for microelectronic devices and thin film coatings. If you find interest in some of this filed please call and take advantage of our standard or custom design, serivce and production capabilities. In the past, many customers have communicated their needs to us and we responded with either adaptations or developments of new products. Together with our collaborating companies in USA, Germany and Japan we offer most comprehensive solution for your surface related requirements. The company is looking for more customers in the world market and for stronger ties with local research and industrial organizations.

At OCI Vacuum Microengineering we've been building UHV analytical instrumentation control electronics for more than nine years. Together with our collaborating companies we offer the broadest, most comprehensive solution for your basic surface analytical requirements. Our product range includes INTEGRALEED (low energy electron diffraction (LEED) and Auger electron spectroscopy (AES), the LEED_AES with Microchannel Plates and the IONEC (ion sputtering gun).

Our company provides also AES data acquisition analyzing software and LEED imaging software.