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HVA is the premier manufacturer and supplier of high and ultra high vacuum valves to the world's leading vacuum technology innovators. Our world class manufacturing facility in Nevada, USA supports our global sales and service network for the semiconductor, solar, scientific research, BioPharm, vacuum coating and LED industries.

Whether you are upgrading your existing vacuum system or an OEM designing a new system, HVA can offer a cost effective alternative valve solution. Our range of high Quality precision stainless steel and aluminum vacuum valves include gate valves, slit/transfer valves for a range of sizes up to 1900mm as well as standard MESC 200/300/450mm sizes, angle valves, ball valves, low particulate valves, harsh process valves, and 3-position valves.

Our experienced design and engineering team can offer modifications to our standard valves or rapid prototyping from concept through to the finished product.

HVA s management and employees are committed to deliver on time, technologically advanced products that meet or exceed our customer's expectations.