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GfE is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality PVD coating materials including arc cathodes and sputtering targets in planar and rotatable configuration as well as evaporation materials. The company, founded in 1911 and being part of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V., is headquartered in Nuernberg, Germany.

With more than one hundred years experience in materials science, technology, engineering and manufacturing, our core competencies include melting, powder processing and thermal spraying. These capabilities enable us to supply elemental metals, metal alloys, oxides and cermets for wear resistant, solar/photovoltaics, large area, optic and display application.

Besides various products, GfE is a market leader for e.g. vacuum arc melted TiAl arc cathodes for wear resistant coatings or rotatable NbOx and Si sputtering targets for display application.
Our unique FREILOC ® bonding technology enables us to offer a variety of materials (e.g. AZOY® - a cost-effective alternative to ITO for TCO-films, i-ZnO, Mo, Ag, C) to be bonded stress-free onto stainless steel carrier tubes up to 4 meters (152’’) in length.

We hold certificates in ISO 9001, EN 9100, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 50001, and BS OHSAS 18001 to demonstrate our absolute commitment to quality and safety.

New products are continuously developed in close cooperation with and according to the requirements of our customers. GfE’s innovative high-performance materials deliver efficiency, reliability and best value to the thin film manufacturing processes of our customers.