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EXH, 2014 ** Leader in Vacuum Valves ** specializes in vacuum valve technology.

VAT, Inc., Joyce Mackiewicz -- Joyce Mackiewicz

Joyce Mackiewicz
VAT, Inc.
Sales & Marketing Department
500 West Cummings Park
Woburn, MA 01801
T: 781-935-1446

Tom Murphy's -- Current President at VAT Incorporated , -- Director Sales: East Region at VAT Inc

Mike Kennedy Vice President - Operations at VAT Inc.

Fred Fey President at VAT
Greater Chicago Area Executive Office
VAT, Inc.
Woburn, MA
United States

VAT is the worldwide leader in vacuum valves!

Since its foundation in 1964, VAT has completely specialized in vacuum valve technology. Maintaining this strong focus has allowed VAT to develop and maintain our market leading position. We are committed to be the best partner to our customers both today and in the future through collaboration in producing the vacuum systems of tomorrow.

VAT valves are found in variety of applications requiring vacuum valves including: Semiconductor manufacturing; Flat Panel Production; Glass & Tool Coating; Metallurgy; Photovoltaics; Surface analysis; High Energy Physics; Synchrotrons; Laser Technology; Space Simulation and many more. By far,

VAT offers the largest choice of vacuum valves worldwide: A variety of more than 1000 standard valves can be ordered from our catalog and we custom design for specific customer requirements.

Visit our booth and speak with our sales engineers about your applications and put VAT capability and commitment to work for you.

VAT is the worldwide leading manufacturer and supplier of vacuum valves. VAT offers a wide range of products, highest quality standards, ongoing innovation and long-term service guarantee to its customers.

VAT's product offering features many valve types and controllers including: Angle, Gate, MVM, Slit, Transfer, Throttling, Pressure Control, Pendulum, Butterfly, Diaphram, Specialty Valves for RF applications/gas analysis/chemistry and Custom-Designed Valves suited to customer specifications.

Applications for VAT valves include: SEMI, PV, FPD, Space Simulation, Lasers & Optronics, Photonics, Lithography, Beam Lines, Synchrotrons, Accelerators, Nuclear and many more.

VAT customers enjoy a customer-focused network that includes manufacturing, R&D and sales/service organizations worldwide. VAT employs 800+ dedicated people offering expertise and exceptional customer care wherever vacuum valves are required from large OEM systems to independent labs. Service and repairs are carried out at VAT service centers or on site.

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