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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is an independent, nonprofit applied research and development organization. SwRI offers multidisciplinary, problem-solving services in a variety of areas in engineering and the physical sciences. Historically, more than 4,000 projects are open at the Institute at any one time. These projects are funded almost equally between the government and commercial sectors. SwRI’s total revenue for fiscal year 2015 was $592 million. The Institute occupies more than 1,200 acres in San Antonio, Texas, and provides nearly 2 million square feet of laboratories, test facilities, workshops and offices.

The Surface Engineering & Materials Chemistry Section has a full complement of physical vapor and chemical deposition technologies including 10 vacuum coating chambers with some that are 3 cubic meters in size. In addition, SwRI has a complete suite of state-of-the-art characterization techniques.

SwRI is able to satisfy client coating needs and controlled engineering of surface properties.