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Sierra Applied Sciences was founded in 1989 by our current President and C.T.O., Barry Manley. Today the company is a leader in thin-film sputtering technology. With our cathodes and engineering support, we help customers design, develop and produce products ranging from photovoltaics, optical filters, CD's, plastic films, magnetic media, architectural glass and more. We offer the Sierra Applied Sciences' "No-Risk" pre-purchase performance modeling guarantee. This modeling service reduces your risk in system and design implementation by simulating your system and confirming deposition rates and film uniformity. Our engineering team works closely with you to get exactly what you need, at the best possible price.


We've purchased many cathode sizes and devices from Sierra Applied Sciences. They are by far the easiest and most knowledgeable supplier in the industry today. I would recommend them for all your cathode needs. Customer service is unbeatable!



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Round Cathodes

Round Cathodes

Sierra's round cathodes range from 2" to 12" with internal or flange mountings. You can also opt for our proprietary internal process gas manifold to enhance cathode performance. Because it mounts outside the coating zone read more