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Denton Vacuum technology enables innovation.

As thin film industry pioneers, we consistently raise the bar in product performance and outstanding service —and in delivering the latest in thin film technologies. Whether investigating, characterizing, synthesizing or prototyping—from basic science to applied technology to manufacturing hand-off—Denton Vacuum provides thin film deposition technology that delivers consistent, repeatable results through wide-process capability, ease-of-use, superior reliability and global service and support.

Denton Vacuum’s offerings for PVD (sputtering, thermal, electron and e-beam applications) and PECVD (anti-reflective, wear resistance and optical applications) support a wide-process capability for production, pilot line and research. Denton Vacuum’s thin film deposition technologies can provide superior performance in such applications as precision optics, lift-off & step coverage, dual-sided laser facet coating, indium for wafer level packaging,
diamond-like carbon, metallization, medical and decorative coatings.