MeiVac, Inc.

5830 Hellyer Ave
San Jose, CA 95138
United States of America

e-Vap Product Manager

Contact: Jim Moore


Customer Support Admin

Contact: Marcela Gonzalez


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With more than 30 years of vacuum system design, manufacturing, and support experience, MeiVac Inc. continues its leadership in the magnetic storage marketplace.

MeiVac also offers a diverse line of components for various vacuum and thin film applications. Vari-Q multi-vane throttle valves for high-resolution, repeatable pressure control. MAK sputter sources, High Temperature substrate heaters, and RF/DC Power Supplies used for thin film research and production systems.

MeiVac recently acquired the e-Vap evaporation source product line from MDC. Utilizing the engineering team at MeiVac, the e-Vap sources have been completely redesigned with a modular concept which is more robust and economical to manufacture. This line includes both thermal and electron beam modular sources, as well as, the hardware and electronics for system packages.